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I'm trying to find a relatively easy to work with TUI for perl, python, or ruby. I want to write a program to help me manage the 5E adventure league games that I'm running now.
The main feature I'm looking for is an easily accessible screen. I've found a couple in python that look promising but I'd like to hear from folks what they have used and like.

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Getting a reply from Eugen on the fediverse feels a lot like getting one from Tom back in the day on MySpace.

you know, I love mastodon but i am kind of annoyed w/ the upgrade process atm. Had to use ruby 2.5.1 because while rbenv installed 2.5.3 it didn't build bundle, and then I spent like 20 minutes trying to find the .ruby-version file after passing over it twice in the directory listing.
Finally, asset compilation failed with the message 'Compilation Failed: ' and no reason given.
It's not like I'm running it on some obscure platform - it's fucking Ubuntu and a non-docker install.

I figure I'll give this a shot - maybe it'll turn into something workable, and if not *shrugs*

Giving 5E a try tonight with an Adventure League game.

Is Apple really the only computer hardware manufacturer right now that makes a standalone trackpad/touchpad? I know Logitech used to make one, but I'm not paying some asshat on Amazon $260 or more for a $70 device. I really like my old Thinkpad but I am tired of the mediocre touchpad.

TFW you realize it's nearly 21:30 and you haven't eaten your evening meal yet. I guess it's a salad. Again.

@kensanata I decided to set up another mastodon server. I'm currently the only user here, but maybe I will change that at some point in the future. I'm finished with G+ and the game community there, I think. I'm hoping that Mastodon's "community" (such as it is) is as diverse and fun as I remember. Good to see you, at any rate 😀

An RPG-focused mastodon Instance. Currently invite-only.

This Mastodon instance is primarily RPG-focused. Like everything in life, however, there aren't always clear-cut lines and things tend to get blurred. Weapon vs. AC (this server) is currently invite-only.