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@kensanata i loved the latest podcast episode. I'm going to be sad when you're done but I'm enjoying it now.

@kensanata if you think of the least cost for best results it also makes sense. Tunnelling out a lot of dead space that wouldn't serve a purpose just seems silly to me.

If you like to make things and you really want to go down the rabbit hole, get a 3D printer.

@kensanata I set mine up using regular user accounts as well. I just use a regular email client to access it (thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc) and with a cert from letsencrypt for smtp and imap it's been zero problems. Running on Ubuntu so doing something similar w/ debian should be nearly the same.

@kensanata Well, I didn't do mine quite like the one you linked. I use postfix and dovecot, but I don't use LDAP for auth and I use Maildir instead of mbox because that was the whole point for me.

@kensanata It has to be done at whomever is hosting your VM ( in your case). Some providers offer a tool ( I know linode does, since I use them), but otherwise it should be a simple tech ticket to have them change it. if you do a reverse dns on your VM's IP it'll probably be something like ${servernum}.${subdomain}
I have my own mail server, but I also just pay Google for a business account. My mail server is limited-use, but I set it up the same way you linked. Been rock solid.

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I still think this is the most useful python library I've ever made and I'm kind of sad it hasn't found its audience (probably because I need to make more compelling examples)

(it's a simplified wrapper for approximate nearest neighbor lookups that obviates the need to use or even think about e.g. annoy or scipy.kdtree)

@kensanata i wanted to let you know that my partner heard me talking about your ‘rule of cool’ encumbrance rule and she is using it in a 5E game that she’s running for her fellow students. Apparently it’s a big hit ☺️

Finally got the blocked login for G+ that says it's no longer available for consumers, blah.

I feel weird about it - I had an account since 2012, and used it heavily for a while. I don't miss the bullshit or much of the recent content at all, but damn if something getting shut off after 6 years of use doesn't leave a hole.

@uliwitness I am right-handed, but when I open stuff that requires twisting I hold it with the right and turn it with the left.
If I try to do it the other way, I can't seem to apply nearly the same amount of force.

@trashHeap @maiki @libreture makes sense re: file size reduction for image-heavy documents, since djvu chunks the images. PDF is actually just an ASCII file that's usually compressed and images are just saved as a binary stream that looks sort of like MIME encoding. You can actually use qpdf to uncompress an unencrypted PDF and edit it with a text editor.

@nono @PresGas @lskh I don't really have a preference - I've done some stuff on DF a long time ago, and I haven't used RPOL so I am good with using either.

@voidspiral @kensanata That could be. I also have too many interests, and tend to lose interest in something when I've been doing it for a while if it isn't constantly changing.

@voidspiral @kensanata seriously! Or that much commitment! I don't know that I could run that many sessions.

@skynebula @laura That's a great point. Someone else pointed out to me it was exclusively on the platforms, which seems like a gross oversight to me, or a willful disregard.

@kensanata @voidspiral one of the players in the AL game I'm running runs his own game at home, and I believe he told me he was at session 176 or thereabouts.
I was suitably impressed. And he is a young person, too - not an old neckbeard like you or I.

@lskh @kensanata I've been banging that drum since 2000 when 3E originally came out, but some vocal people seem to think that if one wants to play with one of the newer rules, one can't play in the old way.
Never stopped me, even now. I'm running an Adventure League 5E game at a game store, and we regularly resolve situations with no dice rolls and so far I've not heard any complaints about how that's gone.

@skynebula @laura If you think about it, though, if you're trying to educate the people who are using the surveillance capitalism platforms, the way to do so would be to reach them on those platforms. Doesn't help anyone who isn't using one, of course. 🤷

@kensanata Undoubtedly there are already people who think a centralized content host is better, and point to sites like Huge Ruined Pile or ChgoWiz's original blog, where the owner got tired of it and just pulled all the content.

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