@craigmaloney There are copies of Windows 10 with bootable media if one doesn't buy the digital download.
If this is a physical media copy and it won't boot it might be either because the optical drive can't read dual-layer discs (anything larger than 4 GB is dual-layer) or the disc's boot loader might be UEFI only and the computer doesn't have UEFI boot enabled for the optical drive.

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@oliof @kensanata I would be interested, but I'm not sure if the interest of only one person would count as serious.
I think between my wife, myself, and Google I can make my own translation 😅

@kensanata @oliof In Google Docs, there's a feature to translate the document to another language (Under Tools). It makes a copy of the document in the language it's been translated into. It's not perfect but it seems to do much of the heavy lifting.

@kensanata @oliof Ooh! I don't think I've seen that! Thanks for the link!

@kensanata Well that solves that - it looks like Ulisses is offering a PDF version of the original on DTRPG as PWYW.

@kensanata this translation looks like it's from the most recent release. Your podcast made me curious about the game; I wonder how hard it would be to find an earlier version in German? My reading comprehension is much better than my speech.

Ugh I spent all morning banging my head against a silly python program, and then spent an hour writing it in perl. I'm not saying python is bad, just that my brain works better with perl.

@kensanata when I used my iPad pretty heavily I used GoodReader. My iPad is old now so I can't run the latest version but it used to be a really solid program to manage my PDF library and allow markups and such.

@PresGas @kensanata Thanks for mentioning this.
@kensanata I love your commentary, and the house rules you have made for your house rules. I laughed out loud at a couple of things (particularly the "how much can you carry" discussion), and really enjoy your podcast.
I find myself entrenched now with 5E in organized play as that's what's popular, but your discussion of your rules and your thoughts reminds me why I started getting involved in the OSR in the first place. Thanks for the podcast!

I'm trying to find a relatively easy to work with TUI for perl, python, or ruby. I want to write a program to help me manage the 5E adventure league games that I'm running now.
The main feature I'm looking for is an easily accessible screen. I've found a couple in python that look promising but I'd like to hear from folks what they have used and like.

@PresGas @gunnar @lskh @kensanata Cyclopeatron is a cool guy - he introduced me to the OSR many years back through a Blackmoor game he ran.
Another good OSR guy is Telecanter at recedingrules.blogspot.com though like many of the really active early OSR folks he doesn't do much any more.

@trashheap@social.notlocked. I think it was a silly idea in AD&D, and it hasn't improved with age esp. since this is a game w/ demi-humans and magic.

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Getting a reply from Eugen on the fediverse feels a lot like getting one from Tom back in the day on MySpace.

@kensanata As a new 5e player who's essentially doing just this with a cleric, it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem at low level, but it does constrain your choices to whatever's in the basic rules. The roles in the Basic rules don't seem to be restricted themselves, there's just not much variety.
I ended up buying the Player's Guide, but haven't purchased any of the splat books (I'm playing in an Adventure League game and I'd only be allowed to use one at any rate).

you know, I love mastodon but i am kind of annoyed w/ the upgrade process atm. Had to use ruby 2.5.1 because while rbenv installed 2.5.3 it didn't build bundle, and then I spent like 20 minutes trying to find the .ruby-version file after passing over it twice in the directory listing.
Finally, asset compilation failed with the message 'Compilation Failed: ' and no reason given.
It's not like I'm running it on some obscure platform - it's fucking Ubuntu and a non-docker install.

I figure I'll give this a shot - maybe it'll turn into something workable, and if not *shrugs*

@nono I look at player experience and what play style they think they like,and compare that to ease of initial entry + ability to allow the player to increase the complexity of their character if they choose. Some systems excel at the former and some at the latter. There aren’t a tremendous amount that allow both without extensive customization/house rules.

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