As @laura noted, it's just "funny" that the livestream will be on Facebook and YouTube (Google), the two major surveillance capitalists...


@skynebula @laura If you think about it, though, if you're trying to educate the people who are using the surveillance capitalism platforms, the way to do so would be to reach them on those platforms. Doesn't help anyone who isn't using one, of course. 🤷

@frotz @skynebula got to build bridges (I agree) also easy-to-use alternatives aren’t so widely available

@Frotz @laura
I totally agree with your point, but in that context a video stream could be hosted on a open platform, and people could watch it from anywhere/device, just for the sake of walking the talk.
(and then they could publish on Youtube to be easily spread)

@skynebula @laura That's a great point. Someone else pointed out to me it was exclusively on the platforms, which seems like a gross oversight to me, or a willful disregard.

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