@kensanata this translation looks like it's from the most recent release. Your podcast made me curious about the game; I wonder how hard it would be to find an earlier version in German? My reading comprehension is much better than my speech.


@kensanata Well that solves that - it looks like Ulisses is offering a PDF version of the original on DTRPG as PWYW.

@frotz I keep trying to find a copy of the english retroclone of DSA 1 but I'm coming up empty. How disappointing. I know it exists!

@kensanata @oliof In Google Docs, there's a feature to translate the document to another language (Under Tools). It makes a copy of the document in the language it's been translated into. It's not perfect but it seems to do much of the heavy lifting.

@frotz @kensanata TIL I have an rpggeek entry ...

@frotz I might be motivated to translate my rules if someone voiced serious interest.

@oliof @kensanata I would be interested, but I'm not sure if the interest of only one person would count as serious.
I think between my wife, myself, and Google I can make my own translation 😅

@kensanata @oliof Ooh! I don't think I've seen that! Thanks for the link!

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