OD&D game went well. one player had two characters die (once was a bad choice, and the other was just bad luck). everyone seemed to have fun though, including me 😊

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Huh, the upgrade from mastodon 2.6.1 *shamefaced* to 2.9.2 was actually pretty straightforward. Even upgrading ruby didn't give me any headaches this time.

I have for some reason agreed to run at least one OD&D session for some folks in a couple of weeks. I don't expect this to end well. Already having "discussions" about which supplements to allow, and hearing from the "but {gygax/arneson} did it this way" crowd, and a complete and utter lack of understanding of how much the original rules relied on Chainmail, even if one used the Alternative Combat System.

@kensanata i loved the latest podcast episode. I'm going to be sad when you're done but I'm enjoying it now.

If you like to make things and you really want to go down the rabbit hole, get a 3D printer.

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I still think this is the most useful python library I've ever made and I'm kind of sad it hasn't found its audience (probably because I need to make more compelling examples) github.com/aparrish/simpleneig

(it's a simplified wrapper for approximate nearest neighbor lookups that obviates the need to use or even think about e.g. annoy or scipy.kdtree)

@kensanata i wanted to let you know that my partner heard me talking about your ‘rule of cool’ encumbrance rule and she is using it in a 5E game that she’s running for her fellow students. Apparently it’s a big hit ☺️

Finally got the blocked login for G+ that says it's no longer available for consumers, blah.

I feel weird about it - I had an account since 2012, and used it heavily for a while. I don't miss the bullshit or much of the recent content at all, but damn if something getting shut off after 6 years of use doesn't leave a hole.

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I have just uploaded my Anki deck (a flashcard deck for a memorisation program) for the Circle of fifths. It "asks" for a key, and the answer is the number of sharps/flats and the relative minor key. It shows the Wikipedia image for the circle of fifths on every answer:


Feel free to boost for reach 😁 Anki is pretty great, so even if you're not already using it, maybe you should! apps.ankiweb.net/

/cc @amolith @emsenn

@kensanata I am toying with the idea of setting up Oddmuse for myself; do you know if it plays well with nginx?

I'm still not sure what I think of 5E D&D, particularly organized play via Adventurer's League.
I just agreed to take over the AL administrative duties at my local game store, even with my ambivalence toward the rules.
Oh well, it gets me out of the house for something other than work.

@kensanata Well that solves that - it looks like Ulisses is offering a PDF version of the original on DTRPG as PWYW.

@kensanata this translation looks like it's from the most recent release. Your podcast made me curious about the game; I wonder how hard it would be to find an earlier version in German? My reading comprehension is much better than my speech.

Ugh I spent all morning banging my head against a silly python program, and then spent an hour writing it in perl. I'm not saying python is bad, just that my brain works better with perl.

I'm trying to find a relatively easy to work with TUI for perl, python, or ruby. I want to write a program to help me manage the 5E adventure league games that I'm running now.
The main feature I'm looking for is an easily accessible screen. I've found a couple in python that look promising but I'd like to hear from folks what they have used and like.

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Getting a reply from Eugen on the fediverse feels a lot like getting one from Tom back in the day on MySpace.

you know, I love mastodon but i am kind of annoyed w/ the upgrade process atm. Had to use ruby 2.5.1 because while rbenv installed 2.5.3 it didn't build bundle, and then I spent like 20 minutes trying to find the .ruby-version file after passing over it twice in the directory listing.
Finally, asset compilation failed with the message 'Compilation Failed: ' and no reason given.
It's not like I'm running it on some obscure platform - it's fucking Ubuntu and a non-docker install.

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